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Terrorism Awareness Course is designed to provide a fundamental knowledge of Terrorism. The course is aimed at all interested who have a responsibility within a Business or Organisation for the protection of people and property at risk of a terrorist incident.


This course is aimed to provide knowledge and awareness to:
• Chief Security Officers
• Cyber Security Leaders
• Chief Information Security Officers
• Security Managers
• Risk Managers
• Resilience Managers
• Security Specialists
• Close Protection Specialists
• Business Continuity Specialists
• Business Leaders
• Travellers
• Workers in High Risk Areas
• Duty of Care Officers
• Police Officers
• Armed Forces
• Government Agencies
• Health and Safety Officers
• Emergency Responders

Course Curriculum

Course Handbook
Welcome 00:00:00
Course Support 00:00:00
How to Study 00:00:00
Feedback 00:00:00
Terrorism Awareness
Introduction 00:00:00
Understanding Terrorism 00:00:00
Terrorist Attacks and Techniques 00:00:00
Terrorism and workplace risk assessment 00:00:00
Commercial security and counter terrorism at work 00:00:00
Legislation and law enforcement 00:00:00
Security Measures and Techniques 00:00:00
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Course Reviews


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  1. Terrorism Awareness Course


    Very informative and straight to the point
    No unnecessary facts and paragraphs that creates more reading.
    Great stuff



    Thank you to those in charge of this curriculum, and especially to raising awareness about the issue of terrorism
    In fact, I benefited a lot from the Course and received knowledge and facts that will help me in my work and in life
    In general, however, those who know almost agree that spreading terror is the goal of all terrorist operations throughout history in order to achieve political, religious, or ethnic goals. An end to the definition of terrorism is difficult, given the changing motivations and causes as the global environment changes
    As an addition

    The fight against terrorism begins with drying the sources of terrorist thought in the wrong religious cultures and concepts, as well as gathering leaders and governments on the charter of global unity and thinking with the logic that we are riding the same boat and we must be our brothers for success, not enemies that will destroy each other

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