Counter Ambush Team course

Private Military Contractor

This new comprehensive CAT training course covers one of the most complicated and lethal aspects of warfare. Ambushes of different types are still widely used by numerous hostile guerilla groups for making maximal damage using minimal ressources. Based on solid professional experience and scrupulous analysis of present day conflicts the course gives systemic approach to counter-ambush tactics. The training is highly intensive and aimed on the development of the set of special skills necessary for effective counter-ambush actions. The course is a must-have for all the Military,Law Enforcement and Security professionals operating in hostile and volatile environment.

  • Vehicle Selection
  • Protective Driving
  • Ambush
  • Combat Convoy
  • Tactics, Techniques and Procedures
  • Basic Radio Operators Drills
  • Complex Attack
  • Convoy Drills
  • Weapons drills (carry inside vehicle, shooting through glass…)
  • Use of Cover
  • Anti-Ambush drills
  • IED (Attacks, Reactions, Procedures)
  • Post Mission, Debriefing

METHODS: This course will be taught using classroom lectures and practical exercises.

Instructors: Former Special Forces operator and French Foreign Legion

GEAR: Sturdy / Tactical Belt, Knee & Elbow protectors, Long shirts suitable for desert environment,  tactical pants, sunglasses.

Price included accommodation, 3 meals per day, transfer from/to airport, weapons, ammunition, EBSSA International certificate.

Course Duration Price Available
Counter Ambush Team course 06 September 2022 - 08 September 2022 1200 € Available
  • Counter Ambush Team course (06 September 2022 - 08 September 2022)
    Course Counter Ambush Team course
    Date 06 September 2022 - 08 September 2022
    Price 1200 €
    Status Available