Static Security guard in Hostile Areas
Static Security guards in Hostile areas usually protect the internal perimiter of a site and as such control entry and egress points man control rooms and watch towers but there is far more to the job than just standing on a gate for the whole shift. The Static security guard force can be tasked with various other tasks such as vehicle and personal searches, dog patrols, quick ...
The planet is erupting new trouble spots every day. There’s north Korea and their nuclear and EMP threats, the radical Muslim problem that seems to be taking on new and frightening shapes every day, you have central Africa that is constantly on the brink of some sort of war if it’s not already engaged in one, then unfortunately you have the Hurricane situation in the pacific, and the aftermath of that with the looting etc, the Planet is a fairly hostile place at the ...
In today’s modern society danger is all around and more and more people are hiring bodyguards, the traditional muscled up male bodyguard is still as popular as ever and in the right circumstances can be an advantage as it’s also a deterrent. But not everyone want to draw attention to the fact that they have protection some people feel more obvious if they have a large guy with them, more and more ...
Bodyguards, also known as Close Protection Officers, are employed to protect their clients from physical attacks, kidnappings, and any other form of harassment or dangerous scenarios all around the world. Although often thought of as being employed solely by ...
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