Tactical Combat Casualty Care

The TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) 3 day course introduces evidence-based, life-saving techniques and strategies to provide the best care for victims on the battlefield. Our Tactical Combat Casualty Care course includes all elements of emergency assistance, providing participants with the skills they need to respond quickly and effectively to traumatic situations that can occur without warning. After completing the course, students will receive the necessary knowledge and will be equipped with skills that can potentially affect life and death. This is the only Tactical Combat Casualty Care course approved by the American College of Surgeons.

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Tactical Combat Casualty Care

3 days.


Tourniquet (different types), special bandages (cravat, Israeli etc.) blood stopping consumptives, coagulating consumptives, oxygen mask, medical packages, stretcher etc.

Training methods

Use of theoretical lectures and practical trainings.

Skill prerequisites


Who is this qualifications for?

Who is this qualifications for?

This 3-day Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) course is designed in particular for government agencies (Police, Border Guards, Army) medical teams, medics as well as for private military operators who plan activities in high risk areas and people who would like to raise their knowledge and skills in providing medical assistance and saving lives in battlefield conditions.


  • Introduction to the tactical environment
  • Introduction to the routine care of combat casualties (TCCC)
  • Care under fire (CUF)
  • Care in a tactical environment without effective fire (TFC)
  • Care during regular transit (ТEC – 9Line – Casualty Card)
  • Pre-Mission Plan (PMP)
  • Individual and group medical Kit
  • Methods of transporting the injured (lifts and improvised stretchers)
  • Exercises on the algorithm МАRCH-HPWS(МАRCH-PWS skill stations)
  • First Responder Combat Skills (Skill set & Drills)
  • Basic Tactical Movement (BTM)
  • High stress exercises
  • Low light exercises (No/Low light drills)
  • Interactive battle casualty assessment scenarios
  • Evacuation
  • Final Mission

Course schedule

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