Russian Secret Service Tactical weapons course

The Russian secret service course is a very special course for EBSSA. We have managed to get access to one of the most secretive organisations in the Russian military.

The instructor has over 10 years experience teaching special agents and he himself is an expert in sabotage. During his time with us we are offering just 10 people the chance to learn some of the weapons handling techniques that he teaches his students in the Russian secret service ( GRU).

The course will be very intensive but you will leave with some great new skills and an understanding of what it takes to be a modern-day operator.

  • Static shooting positions, standing, sitting, kneeling, prone
  • Dynamic shooting, shooting on the move
  • Instinctive shooting, what is it and how to improve yours
  • Correct use of cover
  • Assault shooting techniques
  • Assault tactics in an urban environment, CQB work
  • Offensive and defensive tactics in CQB environment
  • Evac techniques , removing yourself and or casualties under fire
  • Fall back techniques, moving back under fire
  • Shooting from static vehicles
  • Shooting from moving vehicles
  • Shooting under fire and stress
  • An introduction to Russian forces unarmed combat

The price included transfers to and from Belgrade airport, accommodation, all food, free WIFI.
Hire of weapons and ammunition.
Top quality highly experienced instructors.

Weapons: AK47, Glock and Sig Sauer pistols, CZ75, TT. ( all ammunition included in price)

Course Duration Price Available
Russian Secret Service Tactical weapons course 22 July 2022 - 24 July 2022 1500 € Available