Tactical Machine Gun course

The purpose of the Tactical Machine Gun course is to increase the students’ machine gun shooting skills.

Enroll course
Tactical Machine Gun course

3 day’s


Machine gun Minimi.


After successfully completing the course you will be granted with EBSSA International certificate, KASOTC certificate.


This Tactical Machine gun course will be taught using classroom lectures and practical exercises.


Former Russian Special Forces operator and French Foreign Legion.


Sturdy / Tactical Belt, Knee & Elbow protectors, Long shirts suitable for desert environment, Flashlight, Camouflage pants, tactical pants, sunglasses.

What’s Includes

Price included accommodation in KASOTC, 3 meals per day, weapons, ammunition, transfer from/to Airport, etc.


About course

The purpose of the Tactical Machine Gun course is to increase the students’ machine gun shooting skills . During the course advanced techniques of machine gun handling will be taught and various tactical settings will be organized. The Tactical Machine Gun course will be conducted by a French Foreign Legion operator.

Attention!!! Course will be organized at Special Operations Training Centre – KASOTC in Amman, Jordan.

King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center (KASOTC) is unique terrain highly appreciated by LE and military professionals all over the world. Full spectrum of necessary equipment, specialized structures, experienced instructors give outstanding opportunity for bespoke tactical training. It is a rare opportunity to use the training facilities available for top class professionals. Don’t miss the chance to sharpen your skills!


  • Safety rules
  • Alternate shooting positions
  • Machine gunner role in team
  • Choosing and making of defensive fighting position
  • Defensive and offensive gunner tactics
  • Shooting with use of cover: Vertical / horizontal, corner, car
  • Emergency procedures for malfunctions and stoppages, including immediate and remedial actions
  • Machine Gun design and mechanics
  • Disassembly / Assembly of weapon
  • Working in pair with grenadier
  • Small Team tactics with Squad Automatic Weapon
  • Various directions shooting
  • Advance Shooting techniques
  • Performance under stress

Course schedule

No events for course Tactical Machine Gun course