§1 General provisions

The following terms used in these rules shall have the following meaning:
1.  TRAINING – an educational and training event organized within the framework of the EBSSA activity. This event is of a closed type – dedicated to a specific group of registered participants (hereinafter referred to as “Training”).
2.  PARTICIPATION – payable opportunity for the training participation.
3.  EVENT PARTICIPANT – a person who has performed the following actions:
confirmation of one’s presence on the training.
5.  VALID TRAINING INFORMATION – the Organizer has notified that all current data concerning the event shall be available on the website
6.  LEGAL PROVISIONS – the provisions generally applicable in the Republic of Italy, including the provisions of signed arrangements, conventions and agreements.

§2 Rules for the training participation

Rules for the Training participation shall be as follows:
registration of the training participant on the website
payment in the amount and at the date defined by the Organizer
confirmation of one’s participation at the beginning of the training.

§3 Methods and terms of registration

1.  Anyone interested in the training participation may register on the website
2.  In order to register, the participant must provide the mandatory data and approve these rules.
3.  The Organizer shall not be liable for damages resulting from the provision of wrong or untrue data by the Participant. In particular, the Participant cannot raise that it has not been duly notified of the Training changes, if the data provided in the registration form made it impossible to contact.
4.  The Organizer shall be entitled to refuse to accept the registration send in an e-mail form, if the application misses necessary data mentioned in note 2 or 3 or they are illegible. The Organizer shall not be obliged to contact an applicant in order to complete its data.
5.  The Organizer reserves the right to close the training registration at any time without providing any reason.

§4 Payment of the participation fee

1.  The Organizer shall accept payments from the registered Participants in the following form:
bank transfer,
PayPal transfer,(only in the event of making a pre-payment in the amount of min. 30% of the entire training cost).
2.  The training participant shall be obliged to provide its identification data, as well as the training name and date in the transfer title.
3.  Data required for transfer can be found on the website
4.  The Organizer shall allow for pre-payment based on the pro forma invoice delivered to the Customer via electronic mail to the address provided in the form.
5.  The Organizer shall not be liable if the transfer description does not enable it to identify the Participant. Minimal data include the first name, last name, training name and date.
6.  The Participant shall be obliged to hold the proof of the due fee paid and show it prior to the training commencement in the event of any doubts.
7.  The Organizer shall be able to refuse a person showing the proof of the due fee paid, against whom there are objections specified in item 2 and 3, to enter the training.
8.  At the Customer’s request, the invoice shall be issued upon the training completion and sent to the indicated e-mail address or address for correspondence.
9.  The Organizer reserves the right to introduce changes in the training schedule.

§5 Training cancellation

1.  The Organizer reserves the right to change the date or cancel the training up to three days prior to its commencement without giving any reason.
2.  In the event of the occurrence of the circumstances defined in item 1, the Organizer shall notify the registered Participants.
3.  Notification of changes shall occur through:
sending information via e-mail, or
informing by phone, to addresses and phone numbers provided by the Participant during registration,
publishing the relevant information on the website with the training description.
4.  If the Organizer cancels the training, the Customer shall give one of two instructions concerning the training fee paid:
reimbursement of the paid fee to the bank account from which it was made,
keeping the paid fee on the Organizer’s account in virtue of paying for participation in the training that shall occur later (then the Organizer shall notify the Customer of the planned training date by e-mail).

§6 Resignation from the training participation

1.  The Participant may resign from participation in training.
2.  The Participant’s resignation from participation in training must be made in writing (mail, e-mail).
3.  In the event of resignation from the training participation:
up to 28 days prior to the training commencement, the Customer may demand reimbursement of up to 100% of the fee paid for the training participation.
up to seven days prior to the training commencement, the Customer may demand reimbursement of up to 50% of the fee paid for the training participation.
less than seven days prior to the training commencement, the Customer shall be obliged to pay 100% of the training price.
4.  Regardless of the resignation date, the parties may agree on using the entire amount not used due to the absence on the training in virtue of participation in other training organized by EUROPEAN BODYGUARD & SECURITY SERVICE ASSOCIATION. Such an arrangement shall be valid once. If the Customer cancels its participation in the meeting again, the provisions of par. 6 item 3 shall come into force, without the possibility of further change of dates.
5.  If one of participants resigns from the training (in the event of referring a group of participants to the training), it may mean a change in an individual price for other Participants referred by the same Customer, according to the discount policy specified in §8.
6.  The Participant’s absence from the training (without formal resignation) shall not entitle the Customer to demand reimbursement of the paid training fee. In this case, the paid amount cannot be applied for another training and the Participant shall be deemed absent from the training.

§7 Organizational principles during the training

1.  The below principles shall concern the Participants’ behavior during the Training.
2.  While participating in the Training, the Participant shall be obliged to:
observe procedural instructions of the Organizer’s personnel,
comply with fire regulations valid on the Training site,
observe the ban on bringing alcohol to the Training site,
smoke only in the areas designated for this purpose,
observe the ban on participating in the Training under the influence of drugs,
behave in the way consistent with the principles of community life and not hampering other people’s participation in the Training and accommodation,
comply with the course trainer’s instructions.
3.  The Organizer reserves the right to remove from the Training the Participants who violate the rules of procedure specified in item 2.
4.  The Participant removed from the Event according to item 3 shall lose its right to continue participation in the Training without any compensation, while the fee paid shall not be returned.
5.  Participants shall be fully financially liable for damages done on the premises where any Training-related actions occur.
6.  The Organizer shall not be liable for the Participants’ objects that are lost, damaged, left or stolen during the Training.
7.  Every Participant must immediately notify the Organizer’s personnel of situations that may pose a threat to other Participants’ life or health.

§8 Discounts

1.  Valid prices of the training and open courses are presented on the website
2.  The Organizer may grant selected Customers an individual discount.
3.  Discount shall not be granted automatically. Each time the person referring someone for training must apply for the discount.
4.  The Organizer shall not be liable for prices published on other websites than on

§9 Complaints

1.  Any reservations of the Event Participants over the Organizer should be made in writing, by registered mail with receipt confirmation or via electronic mail, to the address of the Organizer’s registered office, however no later than 14 days upon the training completion. Upon lapse of the abovementioned time limit complaints shall not be considered.
2.  Complaint shall be considered within 14 days upon the date of its receipt.
3.  The Participant shall be notified of acceptance or rejection of its complaint in writing, to the address provided in the registration form.

§10 Final provisions

1.  Any disputes that may arise from the Training participation shall be resolved by the court competent for the Organizer’s registered office.
2.  In any matters not governed herein, the provisions of the Civil Code shall apply.
4.  The Participant shall be entitled to review and delete the provided personal data.
5.  The Organizer shall have the right to change the provisions hereof. Changes shall come into force as of the date of their publication on the website
6.  The Participant shall be entitled to withdraw from the agreement due to the change in the rules within seven days from the date of the publication of this change or the consolidated Rules text.
7.  Any correspondence with the Participant within the framework of performance hereof shall be conducted to the address/telephone and address data provided in the registration form.
8.  The Participant shall be obliged to update its telephone and address data on an ongoing basis, under pain of the loss of claim.
9.  The Organizer shall not be liable for the impossibility of delivering correspondence to the Participant due to the wrong/incomplete telephone and address data.
10.  The letter sent to the last known to the Organizer address of the Participant shall be deemed effectively delivered upon lapse of 14 days from the date of its sending.
11.  Failure to observe the correspondence form by the Participant shall result in its invalidity towards the Organizer.