La necesidad de seguridad armada nunca ha sido mayor

La necesidad de seguridad armada nunca ha sido mayor

The planet is erupting new trouble spots every day. There’s north Korea and their nuclear and EMP threats, the radical Muslim problem that seems to be taking on new and frightening shapes every day, you have central Africa that is constantly on the brink of some sort of war if it’s not already engaged in one, then unfortunately you have the Hurricane situation in the pacific, and the aftermath of that with the looting etc, the Planet is a fairly hostile place at the moment.

So Security is at the forefront of people’s minds more and more at the moment, unfortunately it’s still undervalued but that to some extent is the fault of the industry itself. And that’s a whole other article.

Here at EBSSA we are getting more and more citizens coming to our courses that are genuinely worried about their safety and that of their family, so they come along and learn how to safely and responsibly handle a firearm. They learn a new skill and go away with a little more confidence in their family’s security.

We also train professionals too from many countries, civil police and security companies to teaching tactics to military units. The EBSSA reputation is rapidly growing to be THE Company to call if you need firearms or tactical training, all our instructors are military veterans from various countries and are all highly skilled in their particular fields.

So if you or your organization is looking for Firearm or Tactical training for any reason, give us a call.