¿Qué es un guardia de seguridad estático y qué hacen en áreas hostiles?

¿Qué es un guardia de seguridad estático y qué hacen en áreas hostiles?

Static Security guards in Hostile areas usually protect the internal perimiter of a site and as such control entry and egress points man control rooms and watch towers but there is far more to the job than just standing on a gate for the whole shift.
The Static security guard force can be tasked with various other tasks such as vehicle and personal searches, dog patrols, quick reaction forces etc.
The tasks you may be asked to perform will vary greatly on many issues such as climate, hostile/non hostile enviroment. size of site, number of people on the site, what the site is for. The list can go on but here is a short list of the expected duties from a recent contract.
To maintain a visitors book with details of the names, purpose of visit, and entry and exit times of each and every individual who enters the building.

Check the ID of visitors and log them into the visitors book; Examine the contents of any bags, boxes or other items carried by visitors;

Ensure that visitors are met by the person whom they are visiting, When visitors depart ensure that their departure is logged in the visitors book;

Prevent the entry of unauthorized people and prohibited articles into restricted areas.

Conduct routine checks inside the building each day.

Prevent the theft of company property.

Check each and every office and make sure that all the doors and windows are locked, and all the lights/electric equipment are switched off, fire extinguishers, and alarm systems are active.

Report all the suspicious acts happening in the premises to the security focal point
Monitor the premise through closed-circuit TV cameras, and check for any sort of unusual activity.

Constantly inspect and monitor all the security devices and equipment and to ensure that they are not tampered with.

Ensure that no vehicles are parked in front of the office. If you cannot identify the driver, find him. If you cannot find him alert your supervisor and the security forces.
To direct vehicles in and around the building and to make sure that all the vehicles are safe, while inside the premises.

Open the main gate for entry and exit of company vehicles.

On the arrival and departure of staff, check the street to try and identify any potential problems or threats.

To answer the emergency alarms with immediate effect, and to inform the supervisor and fire department right away in case of fire.

Any other tasks requested by the supervisor.

In case of emergency, contribute to other security services.
As you can see the list is very varied and you usually find when you are there the list grows every longer.
As a starting point into the industry it gives you the vital experience that companies are looking for. and its a good way of networking too.
Here at EBSSA we have developed a course specifically for this role now as it has a different set of skills to the other courses we provide and we believe in giving our students the best possible skills to do the job and stay safe.
Obviuosly we’d like our members to be as highly trained as possible as it reflects on us and would highly recommend our static security guard in hostile areas course just be a starting point in your trainning.