Why a female body guard is sometimes better

Why a female body guard is sometimes better

In today’s modern society danger is all around and more and more people are hiring bodyguards, the traditional muscled up male bodyguard is still as popular as ever and in the right circumstances can be an advantage as it’s also a deterrent.

But not everyone want to draw attention to the fact that they have protection some people feel more obvious if they have a large guy with them, more and more people are turning to female bodyguards as they are less obvious and draw less attention to the client.

Many clients employ female protection to protect their children as it looks more natural , she could be the nanny or a friend and people tend not to give a second look,

Many female clients like female protection too for much the same reason its draws less attention especially if they are just dressed to look like friends.

But don’t get me wrong the female bodyguard is by no means the soft option they are still highly trained and professional and if it came to the crunch they would still put their life on the line for the client.

Here at EBSSA we are getting more and more women attending the courses now and its definitely not a male only career any longer.

So women of the security industry the work is getting better and more prevalent so join up on one of our close protection courses today and further your career in a new and exciting direction.