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Security Management is a broad management field encompassing the security of a business’s human and physical resources and assets. Management tools and strategies are used to classify assets, identify potential risks or threats, and to plan and implement measures of safety, security, control, and loss prevention.

About Our Security Management Course

This Security Management course covers the principles of security management and the operations involved to protect a business and its assets. It provides knowledge of the principles of loss and decision making within the security environment, as well as an overview of the factors that form a modern security management team. Our Security Management course will also show the student how to reduce the employer’s exposure to liability.

What Could I Do After Taking This Security Management Training Course?

Work in security management. After taking our training course in managing security you will have sufficient knowledge to apply for a job in the security services. You could apply for a variety of roles in the security services, from security officer, starting at up to £45,000*/year, to a security management professional in a private business.

Gain a promotion. Already working in security management? You could take a step up the career ladder to a security director role or that of a chief security officer. You could even be eligible for a pay increase.

Start your own business. Want to be your own boss? You could start your own private company providing security services or security management consulting.

Course Curriculum

Course Handbook
Welcome from the Programme Director 00:00:00
Welcome 00:00:00
About Your Course 00:00:00
The Assessment 00:00:00
Plagiarism 00:00:00
Submission of Course Work 00:00:00
Course Support 00:00:00
Feedback 00:00:00
How to Study 00:00:00
Module 1: Introduction to Security Management
Introduction to Security and Risk Management 00:00:00
Security, Freedom, Threat: The Three Basic Concepts of Security Management 00:00:00
Risk Management Strategies 00:00:00
Risk Management 00:00:00
Creating a Safe Organisation 00:00:00
Gold, Silver, Bronze Operations Management System 00:00:00
Maintaining Sustainable Capability 00:00:00
Adding Value 00:00:00
End of Lesson 00:00:00
Quiz Unlimited
Introduction to Security Management Assignment 00:00:00
Security Department Management
Introduction 00:00:00
The Role of the Security Manager 00:00:00
Management and Leadership 00:00:00
Management and Motivation 00:00:00
Communication Skills 00:00:00
Time Management 00:00:00
Problem Solving 00:00:00
Conclusion 00:00:00
Quiz Unlimited
Security Department Management Assignment Unlimited
Information Security
Information Security introduction 00:00:00
Definition of Information Security 00:00:00
Security Threats to Information 00:00:00
Cyber Crime 00:00:00
Information Protection 00:00:00
Legislation and Regulation 00:00:00
Security evolution 00:00:00
Quiz Unlimited
Information Security Assignment Unlimited
Retail Security
Introduction 00:00:00
Shrinkage 00:00:00
Designing out Crime 00:00:00
CCTV 00:00:00
Protecting Products 00:00:00
Guarding 00:00:00
Selling Security to the Business 00:00:00
Quiz Unlimited
Terrorism Awareness and Management
Introduction 00:00:00
Understanding Terrorism 00:00:00
Terrorist Attacks and Techniques 00:00:00
Terrorism and workplace risk assessment 00:00:00
Commercial security and counter terrorism at work 00:00:00
Legislation and law enforcement 00:00:00
Security Measures and Techniques 00:00:00
Quiz Unlimited
Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management
The Nature of Crisis and Disasters 00:00:00
Risk, Crisis and Disaster 00:00:00
Different Classes of Crises 00:00:00
Corporate Response to Crisis Situations 00:00:00
Corporate Response to Crisis Situations 00:00:00
Business Continuity Management 00:00:00
Crisis Management and Social Media 00:00:00
Self-Auditing for Crisis Management 00:00:00
Quiz Unlimited
Strategic Security
Strategic Thinking and Corporate Security 00:00:00
Selecting the Right Security Programme 00:00:00
Selling your Security Programme to the CEO 00:00:00
Implementing the Security Programme 00:00:00
Measuring the Security Programme 00:00:00
Maintaining the security programme 00:00:00
Quiz Unlimited
Physical Security
Introduction to Security and Risk Management 00:00:00
The Security Risk Assessment 00:00:00
The Security Survey 00:00:00
Security of assets 00:00:00
Physical Security Policy 00:00:00
Electronic and Hardware Systems 00:00:00
Security Hardware: Fences, Gates, Bollards, Road Blockers, Doors, Locks and Keys. 00:00:00
Quiz 00:00:00

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    One of the Best courses. Great explanation!!! Top! Is my 3th course with EBSSA. Will do other courses

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