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The goal of this course is to introduce you to the different types of IED’s, countermeasures, and how they are used in High Risk Areas. Wether you’re a journalist travelling to a warzone, an active duty operator, or simply someone who wants to learn more about IED’s in general, from suicide bombers to pepsi can IED’s, sign up now!


This course is aimed to provide knowledge and awareness to:
• Chief Security Officers
• Security Managers
• Risk Managers
• Resilience Managers
• Security Specialists
• Close Protection Specialists
• Travellers
• Workers in High Risk Areas
• Duty of Care Officers
• Police Officers
• Armed Forces
• Government Agencies
• Health and Safety Officers
• Emergency Responders

Course Curriculum

Course Handbook
Welcome 00:00:00
Course Support 00:00:00
How to Study 00:00:00
Feedback 00:00:00
IED Introduction
What is an IED? 00:00:00
IED Components 00:00:00
IED Employment 00:00:00
Rural vs Urban IED’s 00:00:00
IED triggers
IED Initiation method 00:00:00
Car alarm trigger 00:00:00
Watch timer trigger 00:00:00
Watch alarm trigger 00:00:00
Fixed time delay trigger 00:00:00
Travel alarm clock trigger 00:00:00
Jewelry box timer trigger 00:00:00
1-3-5-7 hour timer trigger 00:00:00
Light/Break wire trigger 00:00:00
Shape charge timer trigger 00:00:00
Suicide switchbox trigger 00:00:00
Infra red trigger 00:00:00
Radiation trigger 00:00:00
Darkness sensor trigger 00:00:00
Low light level sensor trigger 00:00:00
Types of IED's
Suicide bomber 00:00:00
Vehicle Borne IED/Suicide VBIED 00:00:00
Explosive formed penetrators 00:00:00
Camouflaged concrete IED 00:00:00
Plastic IED 00:00:00
Candy IED 00:00:00
Paint IED 00:00:00
Rock IED 00:00:00
Canvas sack IED 00:00:00
Plastic bag IED 00:00:00
Ball bearing IED 00:00:00
Trash IED 00:00:00
Vehicle booby trap 00:00:00
Pepsi IED 00:00:00
Building IED 00:00:00
Artillery round IED 00:00:00
Donkey cart IED 00:00:00
Dead animal IED 00:00:00
Wooden dog IED 00:00:00
Tire IED 00:00:00
Sign IED 00:00:00
Curb IED 00:00:00
Guardrail IED 00:00:00
Human body IED 00:00:00
Poster IED 00:00:00
Pipe IED 00:00:00
‘Burn-in-asphalt’ IED 00:00:00
chicken IED 00:00:00
Potential IED Signs
IED Indicators 00:00:00
Case study 00:00:00
What to do?
Countering Potential IED’s 00:00:00
SVBIED Counter 00:00:00
Counter Suicide Bomber 00:00:00
How to react to a potential IED 00:00:00
Search methods 00:00:00
5-25 00:00:00
IED Contact 00:00:00
Mines introduction 00:00:00
Mine fuzes 00:00:00
Mine effects 00:00:00
Mine IED 00:00:00
Final Quiz
Quiz 00:30:00

Course Reviews


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  1. IED Awareness Course


    This is a very good introductory, entry-level presentation into IED philosophy, the usage of such devices and the threats. Strongly recommended for people who have no previous training/connection to IED threats and are going into IED High Risk areas, will give a good sum and explanations of what to possibly be on the lookout for. Brief course, to the point, good examples.

  2. IED Awareness course


    Fantastic for the person who is not familiar with IEDs,
    This course is straight to the point and well thought out.
    Well done to Victor.

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