Global Security & Protective Operations

EBSSA International is a leading provider of mission support, security training and advisory services to organizations worldwide.

​EBSSA International provide a wide range of very specialized global security services. As a result of our success and practical approach, we have built a unique reputation for security consultancy, risk analysis, security management, advanced security & military training. Operating globally, many multinational corporations rely on us to help safeguard their executives, assets and major investments.

​EBSSA International , recognizing the threats, developing solutions and creating a safer environment.

​EBSSA International high-level security solutions are based on a flexible and modern approach to the provision of ‘personal safety’ for our clients in today’s hostile business environment.

With the ever-changing world of business, comes the continual development and advancement of the traditional ways of ensuring the safety of the modern business and corporate executives.

​Risk Management & Security Risk Analysis

​Business investments in developing countries and areas of political instability. Assessing the risks and threats to you or your company is EBSSA International business – whether you intend to expand overseas to ‘hostile’ areas; require personal security of executives or conduct of internal security tests. EBSSA International will identify and assess coercive threats and implement proactive measures in order to negate a possible situation. EBSSA International also adopts a series of logical phases to ensure business continuity is maintained.

  • Effective protection & security management
  • Highly experienced personnel
  • Pro-active security solutions
  • Regional experience and good working knowledge
  • Long term sustainability
  • Interface and liaison with local authorities
  • Excellent public relations

Geopolitical & Risk Assessment Procedures

​Before considering any activity in new areas, regions or countries clients require up-to-date, accurate information relevant to their interests. These measures prevent unforeseen pitfalls. EBSSA International provides detailed survey reports, analysis and risk assessments, which give clear overall pictures of any given location. Locally obtained cross-referred information ensures accuracy, which is essential in verifying and analyzing risks.

​Advanced Security Surveys

​By assessing any possible risk or threat to a client’s business or investments, EBSSA International advises how best to defeat or greatly reduce any future security problems. Utilizing proven, effective security measures, whilst providing the safest possible environment for clients and their personnel to operate.

In carrying-out risk assessments where there may be political or social unrest, EBSSA International devises appropriate security measures and evacuation procedures to be implemented prior to deterioration of any given situation. It is essential when financing projects with other business partners, (particularly in new or remote areas), that an assessment should be carried out, so that your partners know exactly what security measures should be implement.