Tactical and firearms training for Military and law enforcement

EBSSA is a training organization based on providing the most current and up to date operational methods for military, law enforcement and high-level security professionals. EBSSA offers its services to foreign Governments, military special forces/ operations, corporations and agencies for specialized and advanced training solutions. EBSSA senior management and training team advisors provide some unique training packages develop for Foreign Government Agencies, Law Enforcement and International Military Forces. EBSSA has the necessary experience and facilities to provide high-level training courses . We are open to cooperation and ready to elaborate an appropriate training program for each task.

  • High-Risk Protective Security (PSD) course
  • Close Protection Operative course
  • Risk Management & Conflict Resolution course
  • Advanced Tactical Weapons course
  • Hostage Rescue & Negotiations course
  • Advanced Close Quarter Battle (CQB) course
  • Advanced Small Team Tactics course
  • Covert Surveillance Operations course
  • Counter Surveillance & Intelligence course
  • Sniper/ Counter Sniper Training course
  • Maritime Security & Anti Piracy Training
  • Counter Terrorism (CT) training
  • Police Special Weapons & Tactics training
  • Police Dignitary Protection & Security
  • Security Driving training