Andrei Korzhevskii

Education and training:
Higher Education
Higher Marine Engineering College
Higher School of Management
Profession: Navigational engineer
Navy reserve officer
Has working experience in: Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Angola, Liberia.
Instructor skills:
Knife fighting instructor
Personal security personnel trainer
Search and rescue team commander
Survival in extreme conditions specialist
IPSC and IDPA member.
Has working experience as a security specialist in private commercial structures.

Andrei Korzhevskii


Full name Andrei Korzhevskii
Height 175 cm
Weight 80 kg
Nationality Russia
Courses PSD in High Risk Areas course
Last Place of Work Instructor
Languages Russia, English
Weapons M4, AK, Glock
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Ebssa review

We had the pleasure to be a Tactical instructor of Mr. Andrei Korzhevskii during the training course “PSD in hostile areas” in European Bodyguard and Security Service association. From the first day Mr. Andrei Korzhevskii demonstrated the high level of motivation and deep understanding of the security sphere based on solid professional background.

We would like to outline his strong interest, particular attention to details and the perfect sense of cooperation. It should be also noted that Mr. Andrei Korzhevskii showed excellent results practically in all the spheres of the training: mission planning, contact drills, advance work and IED awareness, tactical shooting and weapon handling. He has the noteworthy capacity to overcome the difficulties and to work in a multi-national team.

Among his important personal qualities are: determination, sociability, endurance and the capacity of learning. He is able to become an engine of a group so as to lead people with his own exemple.

We strongly reccomend Mr. Andrei Korzhevskii for any type of operational activity in hosile zone as a reliable and qualified team-member.