Igor Rasputin

Qualified, dedicated and experienced security operative with 6 years of service in the French Foreign Legion (4 operational tours), regularly passing training courses in order to maintain and increase professional skills. Proficient in military structures, I possess the experience in security consulting and security management.

Analytical and organization capacities permit to make a quick evaluation of the situation and elaborate an adequate response. Interpersonal skills assure effective communication with representatives of different nations and races.

Capable to work effectively in severe conditions and under pressure as a part of a team or autonomously, I remain calm and positive under pressure, especially in difficult or traumatic situations.

Igor Rasputin


Full name Igor Rasputin
Height 185 cm
Weight 80 kg
Nationality Russian-France
Courses PSD in High Risk Areas course
Education Linguist
Last Place of Work Project Leader
Languages Russian, English, French
Weapons FA MAS, AK-family, M4, FRF2, Minimi, Browning M2, PM, Glock 17
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Ebssa review

We are pleased to notice that Igor Rasputin has strong and well-developed professional and interpersonal skills; he is able to perform different functions. Always motivated and involved in any task he can be characterized as a reliable and trustworthy person.