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Name Michael Gradel
Age 51
Height 180 cm cm
Weight 72 kg
Nationality Swiss
Courses PSD in High Risk Areas course
Education Industrial Management
Last Place of work Maritime Security Officer
Languages English, Spanish , Hebrew, French, Italian, ,Mandarin
Weapons AK-47, Glock 17, M-16 A2, A4 , SIG SG 550, Steyer SSG 69, Remington 870, M-240, M-30, Browning,M-2
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I have been raised since early child hood all over the world and have acquired both a sensitivity to work and live with people of different cultural back grounds and 7 different languages .I am accustomed to jobs in austere environments and adapt quickly to temperature extremes.

I know learning never ends, so I always strive to continuously better myself and take constructive criticism in stride.I have a positive outlook, I am a team player and due to the varied work I have done in the past, can easily blend in to a wide range of settings.

I’m looking to become part of a PSD team. I’ve been in the Maritime Security Sector for the last few years and am looking to work again in land based security.

I hope we can put my skillset, languages and experience to a positive mutual cooperation.

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