Student profile

Name Stijn Victor Hugo
Age 27
Height 180 cm
Weight 80 kg
Nationality Belgian
Courses Private Military Contractor course
Last Place of work French foreign legion
Languages Dutch, French, English
Weapons Famas, AK47, M4, Glock, CZ
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Hello, I am a former corporal in the French foreign legion. I left the institution in september 2019 after a contract of 5 years. Serious and professional, looking for work.

Work experience
Former employer: Armée de terre
Workplace: French foreign legion / Nimes , La Cavalerie
Employment period: September 2014. till September 2019
Job description: Teamleader

Regiments: 2eme REI , 13eme DBLE


2015 Ivory Coast

2015 Sentinelle Paris

• 2016 Sentinelle Marseille

• 2016 Sentinelle Paris

• 2017 Sentinelle Paris

• 2017 Bold Alligator USA

• 2017 Sentinelle Montpellier

• 2018 Mayotte

• 2019 Sentinelle Paris


During my 5 year long contract with the french foreign legion I was trained to provide security in

the highest standard. I was deployed multiple times in urban environments, charged with protecting

religious and public sites, as well as mobile patrolling on foot and vehiculised. I am a very stable,

responsible and communicative person looking for a job opportunity within your firm. If you are

interested in a profile such as mine I’m looking forward for further contact where we could discuss

in more detail.

Drivers licence : B category , C category

Mother tongue: Dutch
Other languages:
Reading: very good,
Writing: very good,
Talking: very good;
Reading: very good,
Writing: very good,
Talking: very good.
2014. ATC AFFIM (legionnaire basic training)
2014. ATA PSC1 (first aid)
2014. ATA SC1 (medic in remote areas)
2015. CP CBT DEB (armored convoy protection)
2016. FGE F1 (team leader course)
2017. Amphibious course / Embarking – Disembarking vehicles on a vessel
2017 APC driver course
2020 PMC course, EBSSA
Ebssa review

We are pleased to notice that Stijn Victor Hugo has strong and well-developed professional and interpersonal skills; he is able to perform different functions. Always motivated and involved in any task he can be characterized as a reliable and trustworthy person.

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