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Private Military Contractors
Name Tylor Ryan Culbertson
Age 28
Height 175 cm
Weight 75 kg
Nationality USA
Courses Private Military Contractor course
Last Place of work AEGIS
Languages English, Russian, Spanish
Weapons AK, M4, Glock, CZ 75, shotgun
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As an enthusiastic and experienced professional, I am seeking to further a career in the security, personal protection and risk management field. I am someone who understands the priority of the protection of people and property, while staying professional and maintaining good relationships with the client and the public. Through my experience as a United States Marine and as a private military contractor, I have gained the skills that would be beneficial in this kind of position.

Skills include:

Secret clearance
Command and organizational capacities
Experienced at conflict resolution
Communication skills
Experience in developing training
Tactical Thinking

AIGES/ Garda World Defense Forces
Shift Supervisor and Team Leader, FOB Fenty, Jalalabad Afghanistan
Day shift supervisor responsible for the base’s Vehicle Entry Control Point (ECP) and Pedestrian ECP, with an average of 40 personnel in my charge. (composed of US Expats, RSMAs and OCNs)
As Supervisor I was responsible for 10 perimeter towers, 4 CROWS systems, CCT cameras, vehicle and personnel scanners, a variety of weapons to include M9s, M4s, AK 47s, M240Bs and PKMS, also responsible for providing medical training and conducting battle drills.
I maintained a working relationship with the United Nations, Coalition Counter Intelligent, NATO Special Forces and local Afghanistan Police Special Unit (PSU)
During my time at FOB Fenty my team and I responded to multiple ground attacks, maintaining security of the AO until Coalition QRF could respond.
Flight Line Security, Bagram AFB, Bagram Afghanistan
Responsible for ECPs leading on to the airfield and related restricted areas.
Responsible for Internal Roving Security of the flight line, which included response to numerous Indirect Fire attacks (IDF) whereas Roving Security I would cordon off the impact area until EOD could respond.
Still currently have a valid Afghanistan visa.
Force Protection Officer, KBOSSS, Triple Canopy, US Base Camp Arifjan, Kuwait
Performed security searches of persons and vehicles at external Entry Control Points.
Stood security on perimeter towers.
Civil Affairs Specialist, US Marine Corps,
I interacted with prominent foreign civilian leaders to identify issues within the local villages and went on to provide avenues to solutions.
As an Infantryman I was responsible for the security of the team when operating in country. Also responsible for communication between the CA unit and other Infantry units.
Evaluating/ inspecting infrastructure in foreign countries, my team was able to identify safety hazards through attention to detail and recommend solutions.
During my time the Civil Affairs unit I trained with persons from organizations such as the United Nations, USAID and Red Cross/ Red Crescent.
Implemented training plan to prepare new Marines for future humanitarian assistance missions.
Infantry Machine-Gunner, US Marine Corps,
I served as a Machine-Gun Squad Leader, attached to 1st PLT, KILO CO, 3rd BTN 5th MAR Regiment, which specialized in helicopter raids.
As a Squad Leader I maintained and kept accountability of $20,000 worth of personal equipment and a total of $140,000 worth of equipment for my squad.
Implemented and oversaw training for new members of the squad with in job proficiency drills and tactical instruction.
Supervised fast rope operations and mock helicopter raids to ensuring safety and that the squad was at peak performance for high risk operations.
Participated in joint operations with the Pilipino Military while on the 31st MEU Deployment.
I was also trained through the USMC Special Operations Training Group as an Assault Climber, specializing in cliff assaults and urban climbing and repels.

European Bodyguard & Security Services Association: Private Military Contractor Course, Specializing in operations within a close protection team in high threat areas. (international Certificate)
USMC Infantry Machine-Gunner Course
Special Operations Training Group: Assault Climbers Course
Jungle Warfare Training Center: Basic Jungle Skills Course
Marine Corps Civil Military Operations School: Civil Affairs Non Commissioned Officers Course
C2PC/ JTCW Client Operations Course
United Nations Humanitarian Certification
USAID Humanitarian Certification
EMS/ HAZMAT Response Training
Firefighter Hazardous Material Response Certification
USMC Live Tissue Course
USMC TCCC ( Tactical Combat Casualty Course )
USMC CLS ( Combat Life Saver )

Ebssa review

We had the pleasure to be a Tactical instructor of Mr. Tylor Ryan Culbertson during the training course “Private Military Contractor” in European Bodyguard and Security Service association. From the first day Mr. Tylor Ryan Culbertson demonstrated the high level of motivation and remarkable professional skills based on solid background.
We would like to outline his strong interest in the subject, particular attention to details and the perfect sense of cooperation. Mr. Tylor Ryan Culbertson has exellent level of physical fitness, his solid operational backbround that was the key of his success during the course. It should be also noted that Mr. Tylor Ryan Culbertson showed excellent results in all the spheres of the training: protective measures, contact drills, advance work , tactical shooting and weapon handling.
Among his important personal qualities are: remarkable determination, sense of cooperation, endurance and the capacity of learning. He is able to become an engine of a group so as to lead people with his own exemple.
We strongly reccomend Mr. Tylor Ryan Culbertson for any type of operational activity in hosile zone as a reliable and qualified team-member.

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