Assault Team Tactics course

Assault Team Tactics training course (ATT) is designed to develop strong offensive skills and aggressive team-work. The main aim of this course is to form the ability to act in an aggressive manner in different combat situations. The main concept is based on rapidity, onsurge, fire superiority and highly developed offensive combat skills. During the course the students will practice different techniques and tactics used by military assault teams in modern conflict zones. Working and living conditions are extremely close to real combat situations. This course is physically and mentally demanding, fast paced with long hours, up to 10-12 hours/day. It will not be a kind of “men’s holiday” with “mercenary certificates” for everybody. Be ready to make real efforts for getting real skills.

Assault Team Tactics training course will be useful for those who want improve their military skills, contractors working in hostile zones, government and corporate teams, anti-insurgent units and executive protection specialists who want to try to be on the “adversary side” for better understanding.

  • Difference between assault and protection team
  • Characteristics of an assault team/a single storm trooper
  • Stress-tests to understand and define the main qualities of the students, psychological aptitude, recommended function and weapon preferences
  • Creation of an assault team: from theory to practice
  • Objectives and functions of each team member
  • Operational coordination – basics
  • Weapon handling – basics
  • Dry training
  • Aggressive shooting – basics
  • Scanning as a key to survive
  • Team- leader: role and responsibilities
  • Observation: sector definition/control, target fixation, basic camouflage, methods of observation
  • Gathering and analysis of information sources before the operation. Briefing
  • Radio procedures
  • Patrol and attack formations
  • Suppressive fire
  • Covering actions
  • Combat shooting – basics
  • Usage of terrain features
  • Contact drills: backfire and team-formations
  • Combat shooting – advanced
  • Grenades
  • Aggressive CQB
  • Day and night tactics
  • Checkpoint
  • Ambush
  • Enemy’s counter actions
  • Mines and IEDs
  • Snipers and basic counter sniper actions
  • Final practical mission

WEAPONS: AKMS,M4,Machine-gun Minimi, Rimington 700

Instructors: Former Special Forces operator and French Foreign Legion

METHODS: This Assault Team Tactics course will be taught using theoretical and practical exercises. The lectures will be conducted on the shooting range. The Course will be given on the KASOTC with the use of EBSSA equipment.

GEAR: Sturdy / Tactical Belt. Clothing appropriate for climate and conditions.

Price included accommodation at KASOTC, 3 meals per day, transfer from/to Amman airport, weapons and ammunition.


Course Duration Price Available
Assault Team Tactics course 20 June 2022 - 26 June 2022 3200 € Available