Tactical Pistol course

Tactical Pistol course

The main goal of this course is to develop strong skills in tactical pistol shooting, including fundamental techniques, high-speed reaction, instinctive shooting, offensive and defensive tactics. Various practical aspects will be taught such as the usage of a cover, shooting under stress, shooting in vehicles, etc. This course will allow the students to increase the accuracy, self-confidence and improve the weapon handling skills.

  • Safety rules
  • Shooting basics
  • Key points of aiming and accuracy
  • Speed and tactical reload
  • Basic static positions
  • Dynamic shooting
  • Advanced tactical methods: usage of cover, shooting in movement, mutual cover
  • Defensive shooting
  • Shooting under stress and live fire
  • Instinctive shooting
  • Shooting from a car: static and in movement
  • Multiple targets
  • Tactics of combat superiority
  • Malfunctions

Price included accommodation in hotel, 3 meals per day, transfer from/to Belgrade airport, weapons, ammunition

WEAPONS: Glock17,19,34, Sig Sauer P226, CZ75, TT


METHODS: This Course will be taught using theoretical and practical exercises. The lectures will be conducted in classroom and on the shooting range. The Course will be given on the EBSSA Training Center with the use of EBSSA equipment.

PREREQUISITES: None. The candidate does not have to possess prior experience with the Firearms. Our course open to all nationalities.

GEAR: Sturdy / Tactical Belt. Clothing appropriate for climate and conditions.


Course Duration Price Available
Tactical Pistol course 14 November 2019 - 16 November 2019 700 € Available
Tactical Pistol course 17 April 2020 - 19 April 2020 700 € Available
  • Tactical Pistol course (14 November 2019 - 16 November 2019)
    Course Tactical Pistol course
    Date 14 November 2019 - 16 November 2019
    Price 700 €
    Status Available
  • Tactical Pistol course (17 April 2020 - 19 April 2020)
    Course Tactical Pistol course
    Date 17 April 2020 - 19 April 2020
    Price 700 €
    Status Available