Precision Marksman course

The Precision Marksman is a seven days course that combines both theoretical and practical modules into one class. It is a fast paced course that is designed for novice and seasoned shooters alike.

The course begins with firearms safety and rapidly follows up with equipment comprehension, fundamentals of advanced marksmanship, ballistics, wind reading, range estimation, alternate positions, moving targets and target engagements to 1000 m.

  • Rifles familiarization
  • DDM fundamentals
  • Grouping and zeroing
  • Supported and unsupported firing position in combat gear
  • Effective rifle manipulation
  • Single and multiple target engagements
  • Range estimation & target detection
  • Wind affects & estimation
  • Camouflage & Stalking
  • External ballistics
  • Final Mission

Weapons: Heckler & Koch MR 308, Remington 40X Tactical Intervention Rifle

Price included Accommodation in Hotel, 3 meals per day, transfer from/to airport, weapons, ammunition, certification.

Please Note: Our Precision Marksman course is only available to foreign Governments, private organisations and group bookings of a minimum of 8 students.
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